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The Workshops

Mervyn Alphonse

Mervyn is a teacher, writer, musician, poet, and actor, and has studied Meisner acting technique and Improvisation Movement Theater. He has taught and practiced Hatha and Kundalini Yoga extensively and is certified to teach ‘Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan’. He is a certified Reiki Master and utilizes a 34” gong in his Sound Healing practice and his Yoga and Sacred Play workshops. He has presented these workshops over the years at the Starwood Festival, Serendipity Festival, Sacred Spaces Village at Burning Man, The Sanctuary at Phases of the Moon Festival, the Resonance Festival, and at various studios across the Midwest. He currently lives and teaches Hatha and Kundalini Yoga in Bloomington, Indiana.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga has been called the Yoga of Awareness. This workshop takes the individual on an experience of Kundalini Yoga via participation in a ‘kriya’ - a prescribed set of exercises, asana, meditation, mantra and breath patterns designed to awaken and radiate the dormant spiritual power that lies within us. Also included in the experience is a sound-healing session via the use of a 34” poly-symphonic gong, which balances the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems and induces a state of spontaneous meditation.

Byron Ballard

Byron Ballard is a western NC native, teacher, folklorist and writer. She has been a featured speaker and teacher at Sacred Space Conference, Summerland Spirit Festival, Pagan Spirit Gathering, Southeast Wise Women’s Herbal Conference, and many other gatherings. She is senior priestess and cofounder of Mother Grove Goddess Temple in Asheville, NC. Her essays are featured in several anthologies and she writes a column for Witches and Pagans Magazine.


Hillfolks Hoodoo: Appalachia’s Living Folk Magic Tradition

With its gnarly roots in the British Isles, the German Palatinate and in indigenous American tribal practice, Appalachian folk magic is characterized by its hands-on and practical approach, as well as its use of available materials. Though it has come down to us through a Protestant Christians filter, this system is easily adapted to modern Pagan sensibilities.

Bright Hawk & Hollis Taylor

Bright Hawk is a multi-talented woman that loves to uplift the people around her. Her spirit, storytelling and music have entertained many audiences around the world for the past 20 years. She plays a variety of instruments, the most intriguing of them is the handpan.

The Art of Personal Storytelling aka How to Use Stories to Motivate, Inspire and Engage

Teaching practical techniques and simple tools to become the best teller of your story and understand what a good story includes. Our stories help us understand each other and provide other perspectives that can increase understanding in our world. When we share our stories with meaning, intention and efficiency we find that we have better response from our listeners and we are able to deliver our messages more effectively. Many people find it helpful if they come with a story in mind to practice.

Sacred Fire

We are a community of artists, musicians, storytellers, sacred space holders, divinely inspired souls, & peaceful warriors gathering together around our virtual fire. We share songs, we share prayers, we share poetry, we share the spotlight, we share ceremony, we find our most humble selves when we gather with a community of loving beings. Join us for an authentic gathering of intended to offer growth to anyone that attends. Welcome, please bring your magick, your love, your creativity, and most of all your heart & soul.

David Jay Brown

David is an American writer, interviewer and consciousness researcher. Brown has studied parapsychology, and the effects of psychoactive drugs. With parapsychologist Rupert Sheldrake, he studied pets and people who apparently anticipate events. Brown has served as a guest editor for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), and he has published many interviews of prominent thinkers.

Dreaming Wide Awake

A detailed guide to mastering lucid dreaming for physical and emotional healing, enhanced creativity, and spiritual awakening
• Offers methods to improve lucid dreaming abilities and techniques for developing superpowers in the dream realm
• Explains how to enhance dreaming with supplements, herbs, and psychedelics
• Explores the ability of lucid dreamers to communicate with the waking realm and the potential for shared lucid dreaming and access to our unconscious minds

Joaquin Colon

Joaquin Colon has spent the last 9 years studying under legendary darbuka players such as Rami El Aasser, Raquy Danziger,and Bunyamin Olguncan. He is currently performing as part of Raquy Danziger's project "Dum", and has played alongside groups such as Djinn, Gypsy Funk Squad and Scott WIlson and Effendi. When he isn't drumming, Joaquin teaches high school math at Williamsburg Charter High School, and runs beginner darbuka workshops.

Intro to mind-blowing Turkish Split Hand hand drum Technique

The "split-finger" or "split-hand" technique is a way to play incredibly fast fills by alternating between index and ring fingers. It allows the drummer to play much more intricate and fast patterns, similar to Indian tabla players. There are various ways of implementing the split finger technique, using one hand, or interlacing the hits using both hands.


Ian Corrigan

Ian has been teaching, learning, singing and playing in the American Neopagan movement since 1976. He is a founder of Starwood and has led eclectic study groups, a traditional Wiccan coven and a Druid Grove. He became active in ADF, Ar nDraiocht Fein in 1990. He and his partner, Liafal comprise the folk duet Awen. Ian is an author and the creator of The Ninefold Druidic Oracle.


Meeting the Spirits Modern Magic

In An Animistic World In modern Paganism and occult arts more and more attention is being given to the animistic perspective – that the world is filled with spirits – spirits ‘of’ stone and tree and river, spirits of the Dead, and the many kinds of spiritual beings told of in traditional lore. Where some descriptions of magic might refer to ‘energies’ more recent thinking is turning toward the spirits as the agents of effective magic both practical and spiritual. Ian will discuss traditional spirit-knowledge as well as describing modern methods of beginning a relationship with the spirits, including the home shrine, nature and land contacts, the place of myth and story. Simple rituals and customs will be described, that can be used immediately to deepen your personal practice.

Phat Man Dee/Alicia Lynn Shropshire/Lilith Dorsey
Phat Man Dee is a vocalist, bandleader, events producer, videographer, poet, retired sideshow marvel, music educator, and social justice agitatrix. She regularly appears with her jazz group “The Cultural District”, “The Lemington Gospel Chorale” directed by Pastor Deryck Tines. She just released her 5th CD “Songs to Fight Fascists By!” with “Social Justice Disco”, a collaborative musical project with Liz Berlin, co founder of Rusted Root. This exciting, socially minded, justice driven musical collaboration features over 60 musicians, dancers, and spoken word artists.

Alicia Lynn (aka: Sundae Service) is Pittsburgh’s premier professional female stilt-walker, and the first of color! Professionally Entertaining since 2012: dancer/promoter/model/actress/vocalist/stilt-walker Affiliations: Cavo and Cake Nightclub(s) - resident dancer/Venus in Furs - dancer/online promotions/First Angel Media Group - events coordinator/Social Justice Disco w/ Phat Man Dee & Liz Berlin/Heroineburgh web series - Sintilla/Risqué Business Variety Show & Cabaret. Former Affiliations: Evolve Entertainment/Devin Moses & Co/Steel City Variety Show/Kabarett Vulgare/Morose Macabre Atrocity Exhibition, Steel City Burlesque Academy/Bridge City Bombshells


Lilith Dorsey is a Voodoo Priestess and in that capacity has been doing successful magick since 1991 for patrons, is editor/publisher of Oshun-African Magickal Quarterly , filmmaker of the experimental documentary Bodies of Water :Voodoo Identity and Tranceformation, author of Voodoo and Afro-Caribbean Paganism, The African-American Ritual Cookbook, Orishas, Goddesses, and Voodoo Queens, and the soon to be released Water Magic as well as choreographer for jazz legend Dr. John's "Night Tripper" Voodoo Show.

Racism and Cultural Appropriation in the Pan Spiritual Community
Join Phat Man Dee and Alicia Lynn for a conversation on racism and cultural appropriation in the pan spiritual community. There is a difference between cultural exchange and appropriation. Learn the difference between appreciating and respecting aspects of culture that are not of your own heritage, and just outright thievery. We live in a beautiful community of people who regularly practice religions, music, dance, and cuisine not of our own ethnic and cultural backgrounds, let’s have a conversation on how to respect and support the people whose cultures created the things we love so much. A big part of this conversation is the discussion of white supremacy and what we must do to end in our immediate communities.


Rebecca Crystal

Wilde*Majicker found her new name and is delighted to offer the best of her skills to the Beloved Community. Rebecca Crystal has an MSW and MDiv is an ordained CAW minister and has been delighting festival goers with her unique brand of serious, wacky, right before your eyes Majick.


Living through Shit, Let's Grow Flowers

Have you had as bad a year as I have? Come share the shit and learn how we can grow Flowers: make manifest our wishes, desires and needs. Grounded in the growth of the shit, we reach toward the Sun of our aspirations! Tears, peals of laughter, solemn vows and deep Magick to occur. A celebration of your transformation!


​​Philip H. Farber

Philip H. Farber is a magician, teacher, the author of Brain Magick and several other books on magical subjects. He has taught seminars and workshops throughout the USA and Europe and maintains a private practice in NLP and hypnosis. Philip lives in New York's Hudson Valley.

High Magick

Come celebrate the release of Phil’s new book, High Magick: A Guide to Cannabis in Ritual and Mysticism!

The mystery and magick of cannabis is both deep and ancient. As the plant continues to gain more cultural acceptance, we have more and more opportunity to explore and discover the spiritual wealth that is found within cannabis. Get a taste of ancient and contemporary traditions as Phil fires up a session of information, ritual, and mind-bending fun. Expect a blazing exploration of cannabis practices from around the world and throughout history.

Selena Fox

Selene is a Wiccan priestess, interfaith minister, environmentalist, pagan elder, author, and lecturer in the fields of pagan studies, ecopsychology, and comparative religion. She is a trained counselor and psychotherapist.Fox began leading public pagan rituals in 1971 and has done public education about paganism since 1973, in talks and public media interviews. She is the founder of the "Circle Craft" tradition of the Wiccan religion. Along with others, she founded and is the Executive Director of Circle Sanctuary, which is one of America's oldest Pagan centers and Wiccan churches.

Cauldron Magic
Learn some old and new ways of working with cauldrons for healing, inspiration, home blessing, divination, and celebrating the seasons.  Explore different types of cauldrons and cauldron imagery and their uses in personal and group rituals.

Mike Ingalls

Mike is a long time ACE attendee, and Maggie's widower. He is an elder of Horus Maat Lodge (HML), Nexus Facilitator for NU NUIT Circle Central Ohio, and Eleventstar Throneholder.


Remembering Soror Nema

From the forward to the new Spanish edition of Maat Magick, this presentation covers the life and magical works of Maggie Ingalls. From her first reaction to reading a passage in Crowley's Liber Aleph, that suggests women have no souls, and cannot perform magick. Through her work with what was then called Typhonian OTO, and on her receiving of Liber Pennae Praenumbraand the founding of HML.

Dr. Louie Martinie

Louie Martinie is the content editor for Black Moon Publishing and its two divisional imprints, Left Hand Press and Obzene Press. His writings include the text to the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot (Destiny Books), Priest's Head / Drummer's Hands (Black Moon), and Dr. John Montanee; A Grimoire (Black Moon).  Louie has been in service to the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple since the Temple's inception 30 years ago. He is a drummer, elder, and spiritual doctor.  His practice syncretizes Dzogchen Buddhism with New Orleans Voodoo. Blanc Dan-i is the Master of his Head. The Marassa and the Buddhas sing within his heart. His devotions are to Dr. John Montanee, St Roch, and Lama Lena.

Watering Dry Bones: Being Necromantic Conjurers of Doctor John Montanee
Dr. John is a New Orleans loa of the drum. Participants are invited to join in performing necromantic conjures to open the road for Doctor John to move among the living if it is the Good Doctor’s will to do so. Historic and folkloric research will be presented to assist the voodoo and in the performance of the three conjures. The Pelican focuses on action, movement, and objects. Talking in the Voice utilizes speech. A Conjure Ball, the third conjure, takes place in mind/spirit. One or more of these conjurors will be performed in the session.
This is an experiment in conjure and streaming.       Background can be found at:

Jeff McBride

Also known as Magnus; Jeff is a magician and magic instructor. He is known for his sleight of hand skills and specializes in the manipulation of playing cards, coins, and other small objects. His stage performances blend elements of kabuki with traditional conjuring. He has been recognized by the Academy of Magical Arts, the Society of American Magicians, and the International Federation of Magic Societies. He has also has set several Guinness World Records. In 1991, he established the McBride Magic & Mystery School to teach the art of stage magic. McBride's Magic & Mystery School is world-renowned and is recognized as the foremost magical teaching institution available today.

The Healing Power Of Magic

Join Us For An Alchemical Brew That Is: 1 Part Magic show and 1 Part experiential workshop
Magnus will share his special kind of ritual magic that took him from the Bonfires of Starwood to the great stages of Las Vegas!

Gary Moon

A pagan and Voodooist for many years, Gary is aTarot reader in Akron, Ohio @ The Dragons Mantle. Sometimes a workshop guide and former instructor at The Grey School of Wizardry Online.

Basic Voodoo Herbal

This class will concentrate on the herbal lore of southern Conjure and Voodoo, with an overview of herbal washes, different lamps and spirtual components of the practice assosiated with each. We will look at the herbs and components for various washes and incenses used in the Southern part of the U.S. Blending formulas will be covered


Ristandi has been working with the Northern Mysteries for well over 25 years. He holds a Ph.D. in Folklore and Mythology, with a particular specialization in the study of Vernacular Religion, Folk Belief, and Ritual. He is a Master in the Rune-Gild (having joined in 1993) and serves as a member of its standing High Rede. His areas of expertise in the Germanic tradition include ancient and latter-day vernacular ritual, the Galdrabaekur (Grimoire) traditions of early modern Scandinavia, and traditional and experimental Necromancy. Ristandi has presented on various aspects of Germanic magic and religion at events like Pantheacon, Rites of Spring, East Coast Thing, Hail and Horn (Canada), and Trothmoot. He’s thrilled to be presenting at Starwood for the second time!


Narrative Necromancy and the Helgrindr: Deciphering the “Door of the Dead” in Saga Literature and Folk Magical Practice

In the ancient landscapes of the North, Death was an intimate part of daily life. With the necessary slaughter of animals for food, the natural passing of venerable elders, the ravages of plague and disease, and the ever-present threat of death by feud or murder, individuals confronted Death on a disturbingly regular basis. It is no wonder that the folk beliefs and magical practices of our spiritual forbears should be intimately connected with the Dead and their worlds. Necromantic practice permeates the Germanic imagination – we find it referenced in a wide variety of expressive cultural forms and examples – in myth, in saga literature, in the archaeological record and in oral accounts of folk belief and ritual practice. This workshop focuses on a prominent but largely unacknowledged theme in traditional Germanic necromantic lore – the Helgrindr: (the “gate” or “door” of the dead) and explores the ways in which it might influence contemporary ritual work involving the Mighty Dead.


Denny Sargent

​Denny Sargent (aka: Aion 131, Hermeticusnath) is a Seattle writer, artist and university instructor whose many, extensive global travels and esoteric studies have informed his books. He has been initiated and involved in a number of esoteric traditions for decades, including Nath Tantrika, Welsh Traditional Witchcraft, and two different OTOs. He is the Elder Guardian of the Horursu Maat Lodge.  He has written extensively about Alternative Religions, Hermetic Magick, Taoism, Animism, Shinto and Tantra. He regularly presents lively workshops and lectures at conventions and gatherings & welcomes all conversation (sans trolls). He has been developing a whole system of Pan Magick since 1981 but the bond has existed since he encountered Pan in a forest on the Appalacian Trail as a teenager. His new book is Werewolf Magick. Contact him at


Pan Magick

Pan Magick is Primordial Magick, knowledge that is Instinct, on-going direct gnosis of IO PAN! that within everyone. Pan offers an active Union of Beast/Human, a way of doing and being in a completely unself-conscious manner. Real Joy and Happiness thus manifest in life as Play. Pan returns the spiral of life back to primal center. Breaking down barriers and weaving what has been forgotten will bring joy, creativity and love in the Dance that is your life. Real ritual work is part of this workshop which is based based on the presenter’s work, The Book of the Horned One (Concrescent Press). This presentation will offer a series of short readings from the Book of the Horned one, two short ritual practices for invoking Pan and time for discussions, howling and laughter. IO PAN!

Soror Bean Sidhe (Karenna Shanti Fali Miller)

Soror Bean Sidhe (aka. Karenna Shanti Fali Miller) is a faeologist, tarologist, librarian, deathologist, caregiver, yogi, cook, dancer, wife, and minstrel/musician of the “singing bone” type. She is also a magick initiate working in partnership with Troy Magus Millər. Many moons ago, adulthood began for her with the donning of a children’s librarian hat. It was a minstrelling hat in disguise. Soror Bean Sidhe loves the chance to introduce ancient tales of magick and wonder…to contemporary audiences of all ages.


1812 Grimm Fae Story-Time-Capsule

​This fae story-time-capsule, specially prepared for Starwood 39.5, will present the magick enthusiast with a rare opportunity to listen anew for Grimm fairytale wisdom… and whimsy… as the Grimms wished for our ears to hear.As they first published it in 1812. In the telling of these tales, the tales will themselves reveal bits lost to the masses in the first 45 years following their release. Congruent with today, the masses of the early 1800s hungered for tales to feed on like candy. Also congruent with today, true to their desires, they turned something sacred into entertaining, instant-satisfaction, picture pablum for babies.

You are invited to join Soror Bean Sidhe and Magus, as together, they travel back to 1812, via his drumbeats, and her tales of magickal ways. The tales are mined from the original Grimm Tales.


Erica Sodos

For more than 30 years Erica Sodos has been entertaining and inspiring audiences. Erica is a speaker, magician, psychic entertainer and one of the few female mentalists in the world. She teaches corporations and associations how to tap into and develop their everyday superpowers such as empathy, having a super memory and shifting perceptions. She is highly regarded in her field and has been featured on National Public Radio in a story exploring why women magicians are so rare. All of her work explores the place where real magick meets performance magic, and her shows can best be described as part message, part entertainment and one hundred percent memorable and motivating. As a lover of nature and all things unseen, Erica portrays mystical characters including elemental faeries and elves, while teaching magical lore at events to people of all ages. Erica is also a theater educator, actress, compassionate vegan and activist dedicated to creating a just world for all beings.


The Magic Within Uprising

This will be part performance, part transformation and a hundred percent enchanting entertainment. Erica's show combines mind blowing magic infused with ritual, deep journeys into etymology and a path to harness our power to create a better compassionate world. At this powerful time in history we are asked to heal deeper, think critically and dismantle oppressive systems that no longer serve the whole. The lights are on, and you are invited to join this magical journey of uprising.


Rev. Ivan Stang

​Rev. Ivan Stang Stang has (and sells) a Doktorate in the Forbidden Sciences from Dobbstown University, a bastion of kookademia. He an author (The Book of the SubGenius, Revelation X and The Bobliographon) and director (ARISE! and numerous award-winning animated films). Stang’s syndicated radio show The Hour of Slack has aired for over 30 years.


or How Small-town Facebook pages have become cesspools of hate in the last three years


Vermin Supreme
WHO IS VERMIN SUPREME? A performance artist? Activist? Candidate? Political
prankster? Jester? Fool? WHY NOT ALL?? From the beginning of creation Vermin
Supreme has traveled the time space continuum. He has been revered as a god, cursed as the devil, altered the course of human, and non human history dozens of times, and not always for the better. Time streams that have been blessed or damned by his existence are legion. We can only hope that whoever it was that gave him the keys to that time machine was fired. Vermin hopped into that rig and was never seen again.

Effective Use of the Megaphone In the Tactics of De-Escalation Or This is Your Last Chants: How to BS Through a Bullhorn Like a pro and Maybe Even Save Lives
This workshop is a must for anyone ever thinking of entering the exciting field of direct
mouth-to-street micro broadcasting. In this entertaining and instructive workshop, Vermin Supreme will share his secrets and help you develop your inner amplified child. On a more serious note, the use of Megaphonix has bought time for orderly evacuations; informed countless police as to finer points of international law and safer crowd control practices; and most importantly, helped avoid panic. Participants will recieve sample scripts, and be given opportunity to improvise, as we explore possible scenerios, and how we can effectively respond for maximum safety. All the while as we get to know and meet our friend Gender Neutral Megaphone. Topics discussed include: neurolinguistic trance induction theory, the panic contagion and it’s avoidance, police crowd control maneuvers, crowd psychology, etc.

Koshek Swaminathan

​A researcher of both eastern and western occult and spiritual traditions as well as the empirical scientific method, Koshek has a unique and practical approach to the esoteric wisdom. Koshek has given talks and lectures at the International Centre of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, India as well as various Theosophical Society branches, Masonic lodges and Rosicrucian associations. Koshek comes from Brahmanic tradition and has studied Vedic chanting at a young age while being immersed in stories of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.


Hindu Gods and Goddesses

​Learn about Hindu cosmology and the strange tales of ancient and mysterious gods and goddesses, their symbolism and magic rites, invocation rituals and connections to pagan gods and goddesses around the world. Discover bizarre stories that will change your perception of the world and the many possible disembodied spirits that may inhabit it.


Tom Swiss

​Tom Swiss describes his spiritual path as: "Zen Pagan Taoist Atheist Discordian”, which usually baffles questioners enough to leave him alone. He is the author of “Why Buddha Touched the Earth”, blogs at Patheos as the Zen Pagan, has previously served as President of the Free Spirit Alliance, and is a frequent Starwood presenter. Tom is an NCCAOM Diplomat in Asian Bodywork Therapy, a karate teacher holding the rank of rokudan (sixth degree black belt), a poet, a singer/songwriter, an amateur philosopher, and a professional computer geek. His website is


Prosperity: A Money Washing Ritual

​At certain Shinto shrines, in Japan, people come to wash their money in water from sacred springs in a prosperity ritual. Spending money that has been so washed is suppose to bring it many times back to you- a spiritual economic stimulus plan. We will preform a similar ceremony, bring cash and water.


Alex Wedmedyk

Alex is a musician and facilitator, blending with the power of rhythm. He is a Master Drum maker, Drummer, Workshop Facilitator, Performer and Craftsman. In his play shops he integrates methods of shamanism, with ecstatic trance rhythms as well as rhythms for fun-fulfillment. Now as a member of the percussion group Wake Up Spirit. Playing in the group you feel the transformative effect of rhythm. “Rhythm creates life, life creates the flow. Our inner and outer being manifest on this life stream as we move forward to parts unknown”.

Tribal Virtual Drumming


Joy Wedmedyk

Joy Marie Wedmedyk has studied shamanism, mediumship, divination, and mysticism for over 40 years. She has extensively studied with traditional Elders from the Americas, Cuba and Africa. She is an initiated Yemaya priestess in Lucumi Orisha worship (Cuba), a Kontoumble Shaman (Burkina Faso, Africa), a Ganji initiate of the Wolf Clan (Seneca) and a member of the Oklevueha Native American Church. Joy is an accomplished Medium, Diviner and Shamanic practitioner, offering guidance to others through these ancient traditions. Joy’s new book, Heart of the Elder: Good Elders and their Influence, co-authored with Lillith ThreeFeathers, was released in August 2018. Joy was a quoted source for Drawing Down the Spirits by Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera (2009) and is a contributing author for Walking the Path of the Ancient Ways by Corvis Nocturnum (2012) and Calling to the Ancestors: An Ancestor Devotional by Timothy Schnieder (2015).


Soul Loss and Possession

​Soul loss often leads to possession by unwanted or even unknown spirts, including discarnate spirits, unwanted viral energies, constructs and spirits of illness or addiction. Learn how soul loss occurs, the acute and long term physical manifestations that can develop, and how to prevent, heal, and release unwanted and unhealthy possessions.


Oberon Zell

​Oberon (“The Wizard OZ”) is a renowned Wizard and Elder in the worldwide magickal community. In 1967 he was the first to apply the term “Pagan” to the newly emerging Nature Religions of the 1960s. Oberon founded the first legal Pagan church (Church of All Worlds), and through his publication of Green Egg magazine was instrumental in the coalescence of the modern Pagan movement. Oberon creates altar figurines and jewelry of Gods and Goddesses, mythical creatures, and magick symbols. He is the current Headmaster of the online Grey School of Wizardry, which he founded in 2004. A world traveler to mystic and archaeological sites, in 1985 Oberon organized a video diving expedition to New Guinea to solve and document the mystery of the Mermaids. Other adventures have taken him to Peru, Hawaii, Australia, Alaska, Costa Rica, Mexico and ancient sites throughout Europe and the Aegean. Oberon is currently on Walkabout, driving around the country to meet with people. In 2018 he spent three weeks in the Yucatan exploring Mayan ruins, and a month in Guatemala, presenting workshops on Quantum Consciousness and participating in Mayan ceremonies. In November he attended the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto. He will share stories and lessons of these adventures.


2020 Vision:

Earth-centered spirituality has awakened in 60-year cycles going back at least to the Italian Renaissance of the 1480s. In each of these cycles, certain common themes emerged- foremost among them being a recurrent resurrection of classical Pagan elements in the arts, poetry, music, literature, drama, ritual and spirituality. The return of the Goddess was a major focus of artists and poets who claimed Her patronage as Muse. Now, in the first year of the next cycle in the 2020s, the Wheel is turning again, and consciousness of the the Goddess is re-emerging throughout the world. What can we do to wake the world!


BJ Swayne

​BJ Swain is the author of Living Spirits: A Guide to Magic in a World of Spirits, and Luminarium: A Grimoire of Cunning Conjuration. BJ has been practicing magic over 25 years. He has worked with mentors through the A.’.A.’. and through a hereditary line of witchcraft in addition to studying magic in both practical and academic contexts. BJ has been Deputy Master of an OTO body for 13 years and a Priest in the Gnostic Catholic Church for 8 years. He has been selected as the Bishop of Maryland for the Church of Light and Shadow, a Church blending traditional lo witchcraft and Catholicism, pending his consecration. BJ is one of the founding members of New Orpheum, a temple of Orphic and Dionysian mysteries. He was formerly a member of the Order of the Celestial Academy and is currently part of a small group of magicians who have completed the Abramelin working and work to spread interest in more traditional magic. BJ was the recipient of the 2019 Black Crozier award for contributions to the sorcery community. BJ runs the blog Glory of the Stars, the podcast In the Company of Stars, and the website The Unveiled Sky.


Meeting the Spirits Modern Magic

DeBorah Hill BSN RN LMT

DeBorah has been a healthcare professional for over 30 years. She practices nurse massage therapy, recognized as a specialty by the ANA as a distinct form of nursing care that delivers holistic wellness. Educating the public is one of the roles that nurses enjoy when promoting healthy lifestyle choices based on rational ideas and common sense. She is a co-facilitator for NEOhio Drum and Music Jam.


Drum, Dance and Healing in Authentic American Tribal Culture

This workshop will explore hand drumming as an intuitive and spiritual healing path during times of peace and crisis. The workshop will discuss ancient trance rhythms from Sufi and Egyptian cultures along with Celtic and Indigenous American Shamanism. We will also examine the phenomenon of modern drum circles and it's West African influences.There will be a brief teaching demo of Sufi rhythm on frame drum.

Ginger Ackley performing as Posie

A Texas native now happily transplanted to Ohio, Ginger has taken her life-long passion for music, combined it with a love of history and tradition, and melded them into a delightful style of Celtic Folk. Performing both traditional and original songs, she sings while accompanying herself on one of her six autoharps, or joyfully jams with other artists on her pennywhistles.

Posie the Flower Pixie is here!

It’s time for Music and Fun! There are songs for Kids Of All Ages and you can sing and dance as much as you like. Goddesses and Mythical Creatures! Magical Circles! Goblins and Fairies everywhere! Posie's magic knows no age boundaries, so come on and delight your inner Divine Child!

Posie's Palaver

Sing about the wonders of the Earth with Posie the Flower Pixie! Celebrate the changes that go on all around us! Perfect for KOAA- that's kids of all ages!

Jimmy Clark

New Jersey native Jimmy Clark has been a professional musician for 25 years, as well as an active member of the national Pagan community. He travels to both East and West coasts to participate, teach, present, and perform at festival events. Since 2017 Jimmy has been working on a full length music film feature with his song writing partner Josh Kobel entitled "Clark And Kobel's Tarot: The Fool's Journey". Together they have produced over 80 original and traditional Pagan themed compositions. Jimmy has been a Starwood Presenter since 2018, and he encourages collaboration within the community.

Moon Magick And Manifestation Journaling Part 1

This workshop explores Moon Magick, lore, traditions, and practices customized to the dates of Starwood. This program covers half the material featured in a book of the same name.

Moon Magick And Manifestation Journaling Part 2

This workshop covers Manifestation Journaling practices, and systems. It is a class for writers and creators of any kind. Concepts presented in Moon Magick Part 1 are applied in this class , but not a required.

Materials:  pen, journal paper, anything to write with; a PDF that can be shared.


Penny Goody

Penny has been a presenter and coordinator of many events. She is a member of the Sacred Dance Guild, she has been initiated as a Crone and received a Doctorate of Divinity. She has been encouraging and supporting the Art of creating Magic most of her life.

Aluminum Foil Hats: Defense and Fashion

What better way than to wear stylish foil headgear? Design and create your own aluminum foil hat. The Creation Station will host a interactive talk about the insulative material and the headgear contrivance encircling the head, as well as WHY they are worn. There is the notion that they protect against interference and invasion of mind. What do you think? How elaborate can you make yours?

Materials: foil, pipe cleaners, stickers, duct tape, scissors

Gods Eyes

The ancient art/construction of these colorful objects is said to originate with indiginous people of Central America. The idea-use bright colors to serve as an eye to watch over others, influence situations, and to bring good luck. Weaving an Ojo de Dios is an ancient contemplative and spiritual practice for many people. Traditionally made during group rites of passage with Elders, Ojos are symbolic of the power of seeing and understanding that which is unknown and unknowable, The Mystery. The four points represent the elemental processes: earth, fire, air, and water. Spirit transcendes in the center.

Materials: sturdy sticks, bamboo skewers or a pencil, yarn of assorted colors, cord, thread to wrap, scissors, jingle bells or beads with big hole for magical treasure.

​Andrew Huesman

A freelance artist educated in commercial art in the early 80s. Experienced in graphic design, t-shirt design, murals, signs, you name it I’ve tried it. In my classes we’ll combine our skills and experiences and help others and ourselves become better artists.

Caricature Drawing

Materials: paper, pencil and erasure.

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones is an artist and graduate of the School of Visual Arts concentration in Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects. During her course of study Sarah produced a short film. She also has an associates in Fine Arts. Sarah loves geeking out to computer graphics as well reading, writing, animals all traditional art forms as well as the sciences.

Life Drawing: Parts 1 & 2

In this workshop we learn basic life drawing, a skill fundamental to the arts. This approach known as the positive and the negative or organic and geometric, focus is on shapes. This is a figure drawing class but skills in this class can be used to draw anything.

Materials: pencil & paper

Kim Keffer

Kim is a visionary artist, a photographer and painter. Kim is on a mission to use her art and her experiences to bring light and healing to all. Her incredibly detailed paintings are inspired by her connection to Mother Nature. Kim lives in a little motor home traveling the country creating and sharing her art. She facilitates a creative recovery group called Creative Companions. It is Kim’s belief that we are all creative beings, that creativity heals and it is her mission to inspire others to free their creative self.

Guided Painting

Participants learn a variety of painting techniques and complete a painting of their own.

Materials: 8X10 cardboard, acrylic paints of various colors, brushes of various sizes, paper towels, water containers to rinse brushes 

Wear clothes that you don't mind getting paint on.

Jan McAndrew

Jan is a founding dancer in Tribe Ostara Tribal Belly Dance in Cleveland. She dances to lead and engage others in spiritual ritual or just for the pleasure of it. She creates costumes for American Tribal Style Belly Dance and Steampunk. Jan is a mixed media artist and has worked as a drafter in manufacturing, taught engineering concepts and Visual Art for 20 years. Tribe Ostara performs locally in Northeast Ohio/Cleveland. She volunteers and teaches art at Art House, Inc. in Cleveland.

Spiritual Flags for Ritual

Create flags/pennants that represent you and/or the group you identify with to carry during rituals and/or decorate your encampment. Let people know who and where you are as they journey virtually through the magic of the Starwood Village.

Wendy Raphael


Wendy has been a part of the Spiritual community for 20 years. She is a professional artist & sign painter, teacher, speaker, and writer with a vast portfolio, available for creative commissions, Master of Ceremonial Hairwraps, Storyteller and a Solitary Eclectic Spiritualist.

Tie Dye Mandalas

Create beautiful rainbow mandalas with snowflake like cutouts. This workshop is good for all ages. Once they are dried, you can decorate windows or choose to burn them in the fire. They will float as they burn for a wonderful effect.

Materials: coffee filters, assorted colors of gel frosting, assorted colors of permanent markers, scissors


Ravenoir: aka Raven has been attending Starwood Festival since 1996 for 23 consecutive years. Representative of many other testimonials, it was a life changing event for him. He became an ACE member and Chameleon Starwood organizer in 2008. Inspired by the consciousness, creativity and sharing of the Starwood vibe he decided to become a Licensed Visual Arts Instructor for grades K-12. Since 2012 he has been harnessing, inspiring and teaching young minds the language of Visual Arts expression, as well as traditional African Drumming.

Find your Zen through Traditional Origami (while recycling paper)

Paper, which was originally handmade, was only available to the wealthy and the folding of paper was traditionally ceremonial and religious. It is said the making of 1000 classical origami cranes stories stems from Saduko, a Japanese girl who sought to make 1000 cranes for her good health or good luck. I have realized on many occasions a sense of Zen/relaxation can also be realized during this process of origami paper folding. Let’s make 1000 cranes for the health and spirit of Starwood 40!

Materials: 10 or more 6” x 6” to 8”½” x 8”½” sheets of recycled paper; Sources: magazines, newspapers, used copy paper; Area: Flat folding surface


Becky Worthman

Becky is a grown-up but is a strong supporter of her inner child and believer in sacred silliness. She is a mother, editor, Reiki Master, intuitive consultant, friend and progressive pagan.




Friendship Bracelets

Learn to make a bracelet or two. An integral part of any camper’s experience is creating a way to remember the inspiration and learning gained and carry it out into the “real” world. You can also knot into your work special intentions, magic, fun and memories, or just keep up with the latest fashion.

Materials: embroidery floss in various colors (at least 3), safety pin, tape, clip board or surface

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